Natural Flavors
All of our flavors are made in Hawaii with 100% pure cane sugar, top-shelf purées, and fruit juices, and are gluten-free.


Such a great addition to the Fort Hunt/Mt. Vernon community. Delicious shaved ice and awesome customer service. If you see the little yellow shaved iced stand in your neighborhood, I highly recommend stopping by for a treat! Happy they came by Whitman Middle School today to help kick off the school year at their Open House!- Lindsey Lowman

On my way home yesterday I just so happened to drive by this spot and I had to check it out. Once I saw the extensive list of flavors I had to try something. I feel like what ever flavors you pair together it will still taste incredible. I highly suggest getting the Hawaiian dream topped with coconut milk it was superb.- Isaiah Duncan

Don’t drive thru Belle Haven/Mount Vernon without stopping at Le Petit Ananas Shaved Ice! Seriously! You get up to three flavors even with the smallest cup, and they are all fabulous (my favs are the guava and orange passion gauva). Not sugary sweet at all, but naturally sweet from the fruits themselves. Excellent service from a family owned business who care deeply about their customers and providing a truly delicious treat.- Laura Sacher

Jaafar, who was born in Morocco, moved to Virginia as an adolescent. Jaafar' family strained to make ends meet. Jaafar's first employment was as a dishwasher, followed by Papa John's and other odd jobs, but the income was inadequate. Jaafar worked so many jobs to help support his family. After a long journey working menial labor jobs, Jaafar decided to enroll in college and acquire a business degree in order to expand his knowledge and provide his family in Morocco with better opportunities. It took him approximately seven years to complete his degree after he attended a low-cost community college before transferring to George Mason University.Jaafar married his lovely wife in 2014 and took one of his two wonderful children to a local shaved ice shop. It was their first taste of New Orleans-style shaved ice, and they loved it! It became a habit for them and a treat for the children. This is where their love of delectable and finely shaved Hawaiian shave ice began. "I think this would be a great business for me to start!" Jaafar told his wife over a cup of mango shaved ice during the summer 2020 pandemic stress. It had long been his dream to start his own business, and he recognized a good opportunity when he saw it! Within a year, Jaafar had worked and researched and was able to purchase his first shaved ice trailer, complete with supplies, from a man in Idaho. Jaafar's children had no problem tasting syrups and helping him plan the menu! Jaafar's goal has always been to provide the best possible experience for his customers, so he chose a supplier from Hawaii to ensure that the flavors came straight from the source. He began his business making Hawaiian shave ice at a gas station in Belle Haven, then expanded to private and pool parties.